Home Building Warranties and Insurance

Home building in Texas is a de-regulated industry. To protect the consumer and the builder in a newly constructed home, the builder must be self regulated, providing all of the shared risk management features throughout the building project. Insurance and home warranties are two critical points defining a quality, knowledgeable and competent builder, like Burdett Hill Country Homes.

Insurance starts with the build itself and is called “Builders Risk” and protects the project from loss, damage, theft or destruction during the project through to completion. “General Liability” covers the builders business, subcontractors as additionally insured and the performance of the home and its systems. A Builders Insurance says a lot about his integrity and his protection of you and your homeowners rights.

Implied and Express warranties are provided to the home owner to protect them and their home asset. The state of Texas requires that a builder provide a one year warranty on workmanship, 2 year warranty on systems and 10 year warranty on structure such as the foundation. Disputes or construction defects are determined by filing through the courts which determine settlements and repair process. Quality builders like Burdett offer a step better in an Expressed warranty that determines how the home will perform over time. This warranty handles any concerns as they arise and are completed by the Builder.

Burdett is a proud member of the Texas Association Of Builders and utilizes their statewide promulgated contracts that details all the features of the home and warranty of performance.